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Drupal 7 – Programatically update a media module file display image style

I needed to push a change to a file display’s image style through to production, and Features didn’t seem to want to take it so I needed to push it via an update hook.

Using code from file_entity_file_display_form_submit() and media_install() i came up with this, which worked:

Might be useful for someone in the future..

Setting up a self signed SSL certificate with Apache

I’m assuming you have Apache installed.

Enable the SSL mod for apache:

Create a directory for the certificates:

Generate the certificate:

Openssl will ask for some information, make sure you set the FQDN properly, the rest don’t matter.

Now edit your virtualhost to point to port 443:

Add the port to the server name directive:

Then enable SSL and point the virtualhost at the certificates:

Save the file and restart Apache

Now if you want to redirect non-SSL requests to the SSL port add another virtualhost that looks like the following:

Then a2ensite the new virtualhost and restart Apache once more.

Raspberry Pi: Setting up remote access via TightVNC Server

Install the server on the pi:

Now set up the server to start tightvncserver at boot:

Paste the following into /etc/init.d/tightvnc. You will want to configure the line starting with /usr/bin/tightvncserver. The Pi can do 1920×1080 so that would be the max resolution.


Now add the script at startup via update-rc.d:

Now you can access the remote desktop using Ubuntu’s Remote Desktop Viewer tool by entering the Pi’s IP followed by  :1. For example “”

Windows has a variety of clients that can be used too.

For more info see