Graphics Drivers in Ubuntu 20.10

Ubuntu 20.10 has a nice new feature when it comes to managing graphics drivers. Use the following to see what drivers are available and which is recommended: Then if you are happy with the recommendation: It seems like a good idea to run this after every dist-upgrade.

Getting Adafruit’s Flora working under Ubuntu 13.04

I’ve been trying to get working and had a few issues getting the Flora working with the Arduino IDE under Ubuntu / Linux. Initially I had a bad mini-usb cable, which I diagnosed by checking dmesg when plugging the cable in and sure enough nothing registered. Once I found a working cable, I needed to download… Continue reading Getting Adafruit’s Flora working under Ubuntu 13.04

Drupal 8 – Create a block plugin

This continues on from the previous post where we created a simple module. In this post we add a basic block, which is pretty easy as it turns out. Create a new file at lib/Drupal/thrones/Plugin/Block/ThronesExampleBlock.php and add the following: <?php /** * @file * Contains \Drupal\thrones\Plugin\Block\ThronesExampleBlock. */ namespace Drupal\thrones\Plugin\Block; use Drupal\block\BlockBase; use Drupal\Component\Annotation\Plugin; use Drupal\Core\Annotation\Translation;… Continue reading Drupal 8 – Create a block plugin