Dynamic DNS with dnsexit.com

So I got this setup and added some CNAME dns entries pointing to my dnsexit supplied domain name. But I’m having issues setting up some code to update the DDNS entry.

ez-ipupdate is a seemingly ancient piece of software that still compiles well but it only wants to use the IP found in ifconfig, and thats not going to work because I’m behind NAT. There is a way to pass it an address using something like:

dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com

but that doesn’t work in daemon mode. Meh.

DNSexit recommends a few other optionsĀ here, and the windows one works fine but since I dual boot there’s no guarantee it will be up.

I finally got DNSexit’s ipupdate package to work using the .deb package. After completing the install wizard I had to run dos2unix on the init.d script and /etc/dnsexit.conf, then restart my router to make it run correctly.

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